Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crafting with Friends and Family

I don't know about you, but sometimes I need to be alone to get my creative groove on. But I find that I get so much from talking with others about papers, embellies and layouts. What worked and what didn't. This past weekend I got a chance to visit my friend Susan and make a visit to her Paper Studio. LOVE IT!!
She is so organized - sorted and labeled stuff blows me away.

We caught up as only old friends can - just where we left off last time. We exchanged our goodies and then got to work on our "project". I had purchased chipboard clipboards at the super Dollar Store for you guessed it - $1! Let's just say the project didn't go so well. Modge podge was not our friend this time :-( But we had a great time trying out each other's supplies and just getting together. The next day we stopped at the antique mall and I picked up a cute 3-piece red cannister set to embellish for the craft room - another bargain at $10. I also found a wooden F block, three black game tiles with my initials and some awesome bottle caps. From there we hit the 25 or more store where I found an apothecary jar for 25c. I'm set and will post pictures when they are ready. Susan is the queen of organizing and I hope to learn from her!

Fresh from this creative junket I made these cards - with some of the goodies from Susan and with ideas we exchanged as well! Thanks, friend!